Coreen Schumacher is a wonderful example of what a dedicated servant of God looks like in the local community. She is always ready to help wherever there is a need. She has imparted wisdom and knowledge to many through various volunteer positions, one of which is leader of the local Flickertail 4-H Club for the past 15 years.

In the fall of 2017 Shumacher was recognized state-wide for her outstanding leadership by receiving North Dakota’s 2017 Outstanding Lifetime 4-H Volunteer Award. She was honored during the North Dakota 4-H Foundation’s Donor Recognition Social in Fargo on Nov. 10. As neighbors, friends and family congratulated Schumacher for her award, she was quick to humbly give God the glory.

Articles on Schumacher’s achievements and award were published in the local McIntosh County newspaper, North Dakota University System’s newsletter and in New York’s Morning Ag Clips.

One article stated, “The 4-H leaders who have worked with Schumacher praise her for warmly welcoming youth into the club, making them feel part of the group and encouraging them to participate. Youth who were shy and reserved at the beginning grew to actively and willingly taking part in activities. Thanks to Schumacher’s encouragement, youth who were hesitant to fill club officer positions not only held office for a year but stayed in leadership positions in following years.”

The article finishes by recognizing many different fields of service including Schumacher’s involvement in her church.

“Schumacher also is McIntosh County’s superintendent of schools, a homemaker, farm wife and partner, bookkeeper and teacher, and has been a Vacation Bible School director, Pathfinder youth group leader, church treasurer, science fair judge, math tutor, third and fourth grade spelling bee coordinator and women’s Bible study coordinator.”*

Taking Christ’s love and excitement to heart

Being a Christian and living a Christ-filled life influences others. When gratitude and thankfulness for what Christ has done overwhelms the life, enthusiasm to share His love with others will result. When Christ’s love and excitement are in the heart, a person will naturally reach out and interact with people in a positive and life-changing way.

Christ is a perfect example of what a true leader looks like, and as we follow His example those around us cannot help but take notice.

*Bemis-Winch, Aubrey. “4-H Volunteer Receives Lifetime Award.” Morning Ag Clips, 14 Nov. 2017, Schumacher.

Jody Schumacher is a daughter of Coreen Schumacher.