One of the many things I love about Scripture is the multiplicity of layers embedded in every segment. There is a cosmic interpretation, though it is often not the first we consider. There is a layer of meaning that can be applied corporately to our planet, another stratum that covers nations, and yet another that can be correlated to churches. We are probably most familiar with the nuance we hold close to our heart, applied to our singular reality.

This concept is familiar as the often-repeated verse that suddenly jumps off the page and seems to apply directly to a situation or experience in which we find ourselves. It is the gentle whisper of Spirit that soothes frazzled nerves or the trumpet roar that shakes the core of our long-held beliefs. Our life journey is punctuated by revelations through words that simply reside on weathered pages until a moment of need or inspiration. Given the power lodged in Scripture, it becomes ever more cherished as our Benevolent Father uses it to guide this odyssey we call life.

A useful exercise is to take a passage of Scripture and simply sit before the Lord with open heart and mind, asking the Holy Spirit to expand your perception and reflection. Depending on how familiar you are with such a practice, it might take a few days or a few weeks. We become used to having someone interpret Scripture for us (and there is a place for that) but may miss some of the other layers God can use to expand our love and appreciation of Him. Believing God may have something unique to say to us can open doors to deeper understanding.

Here is an idea to get you started:

Romans 8:1 – “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

Sit with this verse for 5-30 min. each morning depending on how experienced you are with meditation. In the evening, spend 5-10 min. reviewing your day and imagine what the day might have looked like with absolutely no condemnation – toward yourself or others.

After doing this a few days, ask the Lord if there might be another way He wants you to apply this verse. What does it mean within a church? What does it mean for our nation? What does it mean for our earth? What might it mean cosmically?

Here’s to the big picture!

Ann Halim
Editor, College View Church eWeekend newsletter


Reprinted with permission