La Vida Mission Academy is RMC’s self-supporting school serving the Navajo people in New Mexico. Day students are accepted at no charge, and the school currently has 17 students. Teachers are certified in New Mexico and use curriculum driven by requirements of the Education Department for the State of New Mexico.

Ninth-graders study algebra, physical science, English, reading, Bible, Navajo language, Navajo history and New Mexico history. Senior studies prepare them for the GED, which provides them with data support for their diplomas and college opportunities. Seniors look forward to their senior trip, which includes visiting an Adventist college, experiencing a traveling classroom and giving presentations to various churches along the way.

The students at La Vida Mission Academy commented in their newsletter how much they enjoy their school.

Gabriella (freshman): “The teachers care about my learning and I’m learning a lot. I like it here. I really like how everyone cares about us.”

Warren (senior): “I will be graduating this year and want to become either an underwater welder or Adventist pastor. I have passed two of my GED tests to support my high school diploma.”

Jajuan (freshman): “I love what we do and am looking forward to what this school can do for me. I have seen many changes through my time being here, and I love the changes. I like it when people from other schools come to help build stuff we need.”

Demetrius (freshman): “I like many things about this school, especially the people. The people are really great and awesome. Our dorm parents are caring and cook us great food.”