It was a crisp clear day near the end of October last year when approximately 80 students from College View Academy started walking to nearby Holmes Lake. They took with them a few tokens of love and affirmation.

Weeks before, teachers in grades 1-4 had been searching for a way to tell the nearby neighborhood that God cares for them, and so do the students from CVA. A heavy supply of rocks was purchased, cleaned and painted with a base coat of pretty colors. Then messages of hope and faith were printed with permanent marker. The rocks were sprayed with shellac for their final presentation.

Many people walk the trail around Holmes Lake to exercise. There are also people who walk the trails feeling alone and discouraged. On this bright October day students left their rocks on trees, fence posts, benches and simply beside the path.

Even before the students made a complete circuit around the lake they were being stopped by excited walkers who thanked the children for the messages. Social media posts soon began springing up as well, thanking those who made the effort to make life a bit happier.

Jesus is the Rock of Salvation, and we hope CVA students helped spread a message of love and kindness with rocks of their own!

Kirk Powell teaches fourth grade at College View Academy.