Dakota Conference Women’s Ministries retiring director Anne Wham passed the leadership mantel to Brenna Kerr on Sunday, September 15, during the 25th annual Women’s Retreat by draping Kerr in a scarf and saying a prayer of consecration. Kerr, who resides in Drayton, North Dakota and is employed as a physician assistant, has worked with Wham as a Women’s Ministries team member for many years.

Approximately 115 women from several states convened in Aberdeen, South Dakota to attend Extreme Makeover: The Butterfly Effect. The weekend was replete with spiritual overtones and undergirded with humor.

Dr. Rebekah Wang, medical director for quality at Kettering Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio, emphasized the caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly stages of life using 2 Cor. 5:17 as a scriptural theme: “Therefore if any woman is in Christ she is a new creature altogether; the old is gone, behold, the fresh and new has come.”

Breakout sessions included Butterflies in the Garden by Marilyn Heilman and Paulette Bollinger; In the Cocoon by Sandy Simantan and Colette Doss; and On Butterfly Wings by Jennifer Erikson and Lisa Miller.

The retreat featured musicians from the previous 25 years throughout the weekend and dedicated a special room to memorabilia and photos.

The women of the Dakota Conference are sad to see Wham retire, but happy that Kerr has accepted the leadership of Women’s Ministries.

News writer Jacquie Biloff is communication director for the Dakota Conference.

Photo Credit: Karen Roe