In 2009 I went as a student missionary to Kenya. There, I took a week during my Christmas break to stay with the Maasai tribe to learn their culture and to be a light for Christ.

At the end of my stay I’d gotten back more than I was able to give. They fed me with what little food they had. They gave me unconditional love despite our different ways of life. I was family. These wonderful people have never left my mind. I’m forever changed.

In August 2011, God picked up the phone, for the umpteenth time, trying to dial me up.

It’s not like I hadn’t been following God before this moment or was ignoring Him necessarily, but I’d been trying to do everything in my own strength. A bad connection on my end?

He punches my key on speed dial. It starts to ring and this time I’m listening for his call. I pick up.

That day I surrendered my heart to him, my life, and everything I own. I laid it all before the cross—realizing nothing I was or have is because of my own efforts or self. It’s because of Him. At that point, I gave Him permission to use me as His vessel fully at his command. A slave for Christ.

For a month after that moment of surrender, I’d been praying for God’s will in my life. I graduate after this school year and have a lot of dreams, but what should I pursue?

In September 2011, the phone rings again…

“Cassi, I want you to build a well for the Maasai in Kenya. There’s a drought, it’s going to get worse, and my children need your help. Are you ready to do something amazing for me? Because I choose you for the task.”

” You want me to do what!? I’m a “poor” college student barely making ends meet. And time? I have none. I want to help but how?”

My typical reaction to God’s call—fear.  Even though I surrendered my life, it’s scary to do something so epic for God. I felt like, and still sometimes feel like Moses. Under qualified. What if I fail Him because I’m not perfect and mess up his plans? But wait! If He’s asking me to do it, He obviously believes in me. Okay! I’ll do it! Who can argue with that.

Jumping to the here and now, God’s been leading me through the process of not only planning to dig one well, but He’s shown me plans to BUY a drill and start up a ministry! Who would’ve guessed? There are bazillions of moments that can’t be coincidence, but providence, that He’s planned this all along. He amazes me all the time!

I wish I could get specific into the many ways God’s been leading me but that’d take a book! Hmmm…well, maybe one day. But for now, know that God will take you on amazing adventures for Him. All we have to do is surrender our lives. Not just accepting Jesus, but then giving back. Giving our lives to Him to shape and to mold. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Joseph! Or Esther!


For more information, my project has a Facebook page—“Not Oh Well.”