When Pastor Leo Schreven ran through the finish line banner stretched between posts in the sand, he was not alone. Though most of the millions of footfalls between the Atlantic to the Pacific were solitary, his 100-day Walk Across America dream became real through the loving, capable support of a team.

Wife Tamara Schreven and their daughter, Cierra, sacrificed having him home during the entire trek. Glimpses of their faithful support were seen along the journey, especially at the half-way mark where viewers got to see a celebratory video created just for him. Cierra and Tammy both got to walk with him towards the end of the journey. Family time means so much to each of them. It was wonderful to see Pastor Leo acknowledge them openly along the way. The rest of his family showed support too: His mom and dad arrived in San Diego to celebrate the finish. Brothers walked together with angel guardians during the most dangerous miles logged at night along the US/Mexican border. Then there is the nuts-and-bolts part of the team. These tenacious, tactful, and terrific individuals drove two fifth-wheels across the country on this amazing journey. Don and Sheri Yohe housed, fed, and transported Leo in one RV, while Dr. Randy and Loralyn Horning followed in the other. Their behind-the scenes involvement centered on coordination of the Kids Charity Walk Across America.

Viewers got to know Don and Sheri better through her daily Facebook blog. (See her last post here.) Sheri’s take on things provided a great complement to Leo’s vlogs. Unintentionally, she added credibility to his reports and rounded out the picture for us. Her honest, heartfelt journey from the fifth wheel was a strong witness to the power of God despite all odds.

Being a support person to a hero is not easy. There is no fanfare and salutes, but that’s how they like it. This fabulous team was there for Leo at every turn. They were together in all the ups and downs and made all the downs into ups. They nurtured him and helped him succeed. So many details went into this amazing trek. It was a trip they will never forget and one that would not have been possible without them.


As I prepared to write about Leo’s team, I began to notice the presence and power of teams all around me. It took a team to care for my newly-crawling baby and family while I was on maternal bed rest for 8 weeks. I couldn’t lift him or do normal household duties. I was running my own marathon of pregnancy and trying to make sure we had a baby at the hospital finish line. A team of church friends and family came in shifts during my second trimester to cook, clean and carry my little babe. What an amazing experience. It was humbling and sometimes frustrating, but overall there was tremendous gratitude to those self-less people who came through for us and our family in our time of great need.

Last week I attended a beautiful wedding. This couple found love with each other later in life. They live very frugally and needed much help to pull off the wedding of their dreams. The groom had never been married and a wedding was especially important to him. Church friends and family rallied and the result was spectacular. Saturday night, on the eve of the ceremony, I went to help set up the reception and marveled at the many hands, brains and hearts that went into something that brought two lives together. Every little bit of help was needed, important, and appreciated. One couple ran through the finish line tape toward marriage, but many trailed behind representing their own part. The same was true for Pastor Leo. As one man finished his goal, he broke through finish ribbon with his support team. Many well-wishers and supporters trailed behind. All succeeded.

Are you a part of a team? Think about it. Most likely you’ve found yourself in selfless service for the Savior in a team project of some kind. Be it church, family, community outreach, friendships, or overseas mission trips. It takes a team to succeed in any great life endeavor. The hero does not take all the glory. Much fun and satisfaction comes from team support. Help someone succeed today! Someday you’ll need your own team. Either way, we all win!