After several recent opportunities to be in year-end meetings with fellow workers and to hear their reports, I have been strengthened and encouraged. I hope you are blessed, and God is glorified as we start a new year praising Him for His goodness and faithfulness to and through the Iowa-Missouri Conference.

Brothers and sisters, our God is a Way Maker! We are blessed this year to have 25 teachers and nearly 300 students at 13 elementary church schools throughout our conference. Not only can we offer quality, Christ-centered education inside these  classrooms, but we are also blessed to provide our children with instruction through many outdoor opportunities. The Outdoor School for fifth and sixth-grade students in the fall and Junior High Bible School for seventh and eighth-grade students in the spring are incredibly impactful. We appreciate the daily (and extra) work of all involved in the schools and preparing for these much-loved events. In addition, we are grateful for the efforts to bring children from both church and home schools to the academy for the beautiful Music Fest weekend. Sing praises to God even now for this incredible privilege!

By God’s grace, we are operating a full-to-the-brim secondary boarding school, Sunnydale Adventist Academy. We can all praise God that He is present there. We can all praise God that He is creating a family atmosphere with students who speak no less than 24 different languages. We can all praise Jesus that angels are helping to guide 175 youths whom God has directed to this refuge to find something better than a non-biblical worldview. We can all praise Him for the mission-mindedness that prevails and the gratitude in hearts planted, watered and increased by love. God had made a way to keep this boarding school open when there seemed to be no way. We appreciate the 28 staff members who partner tirelessly with Him and all who are helping to support Christian education at this conference. We are all bettered by participating with God in educating His children and youth.

Our God is a Miracle Worker! We are praising Him for the successful summer camp program at Camp Heritage that had more than 400 children in attendance. Jesus was lifted high by much-appreciated staff, and decisions for Christ were manifested in decisions for baptism, enrollment in church schools, and decisions for other powerful steps in discipleship. As Pathfinders everywhere prepare for the International Camporee in August of 2024, we encourage you to keep looking to God and trusting in His miracle-working power.

Our God is a Promise Keeper! He not only seeks for and directs His sheep, but He feeds us. We can all praise God for the increased number of Bible workers, the stable number of pastors and elders, the adventurous magabook workers and VBS leaders, the faithful Sabbath school teachers, communication leaders, women’s and men’s ministries leaders, stewardship and trust leaders and prayer partners among us. We can all pray for more laborers for the harvest, even as we praise the Lord of harvest for providing these much-appreciated workers.Dean Coridan

Our God is a Light in the Darkness! Two new workers in the conference’s Treasury Department tell us that our constituency is taking tithing more and more seriously, and we praise God for that faithfulness! We can continue employing workers for our conference and to help the light of the gospel spread around the world! As cherished employees have transitioned from working here, God has brought new valuable workers into our midst, and we are grateful for each one. Thank You, Jesus!

“Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; and to him who orders his conduct aright, I will show the salvation of God.” Ps. 50:23. Today is the day of salvation. Praise the Lord!

Dean Coridan is president of the Iowa-Missouri Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.