Recent events have disrupted our lives in ways that none of us could have imagined. From only being able to get carryout from restaurants to the closing of our favorite stores, from working from home to friends losing jobs, and from our anticipated events being canceled to our local church suspending worship services—things around us are changing rapidly.

If your local church has temporarily canceled services, you may be wondering how you can still give your tithes and offerings. The good news is it is still possible through the AdventistGiving app (iTunes or Android) or website. You can learn more about the app here.

There are some churches who have not yet signed up for AdventistGiving, though. This means when you go to the AdventistGiving app or website and search for your church, it won’t show that it is enrolled. You can still give to your local conference—which is a good thing—but this is different than giving to your local church.

If this is the case for your church, now is the time to get it signed up. It is not a difficult process, and will require very little effort on your part. Now is an important time to make sure members at your church can give from their homes.

How to sign up your local church

There are several ways you can sign up your local church. The primary contact for AdventistGiving is their email address: Here are three ways to get your church signed up.

  1. Contact your pastor or church treasurer and have them email They will need to provide:
    • The name and address of your church
    • The name and address of the church treasurer
  2. Go to and search for your church. Next to the name of your church it will say “(Enrolled)” if your church is already enrolled. If it is not, then select your church and fill out and submit the signup form. You will need to provide your name and contact information, and your church treasurer’s name and email.

  3. Email and provide the name and address of your church, and the name and email address of your church treasurer. The staff at AdventistGiving will contact your church treasurer and invite him or her to enroll your church.