The Hope of Survivors will host a Hope & Healing Conference at Homewood Suites, 1314 Cuming Street, Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday, August 26 from 9:00am-5:00pm.

The purpose of the conference is to provide information and support to those who have been abused by members of the clergy (of any denomination). The conference is primarily for adult female victims of clergy sexual abuse and their spouses, however, anyone who desires to learn more about clergy sexual abuse and prevention is welcome to attend. Advance registration is required.

Space is limited, so please register now by clicking here. Registration deadline is 7/29/12. Additional details are available on the registration form.

Here’s what others have said about the Hope & Healing Conference:

“All information was very helpful. Being a husband, I could really connect with Steve’s story.”–NY

“We were both pleasantly surprised at how encouraging it was, not depressing, but a blessing! It was so great meeting everyone! Although it is unfortunate we experienced clergy sexual abuse, we are extremely fortunate to find hope and healing in our God! Thank you, THOS, for this conference and for speaking the truth!”–NY”

“I am so glad I was there today. Thanks to you and Steve and Martin and the rest of the board for the good work you do.”–CA

“What an amazing day! Thank you all for sharing your time and energy! What a blessing you all are to us! Thank you with all my heart!”–IN

“I so much appreciated the time we shared yesterday. I definitely came away much more clear on the line of abuse vs. adultery. I think this was one area that truly was torturing my heart… The seminar was very helpful…Thank you to all of you who helped and presented!! I feel refreshed, blessed, encouraged and HOPE-ful!”–MI

“Great! Real stories bring others into understanding on so many levels. I feel balanced.”–WA

Topics Include: What is clergy/pastoral sexual abuse? How does this happen? Is there an imbalance? Who is vulnerable? What are the vulnerabilities? Why is this not an affair? How do we prevent this? Where is God? How to start over? How should the church respond? And much more!

The Hope of Survivors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping victims of pastoral sexual abuse and misconduct, as well as providing educational and informational materials and seminars to pastors and churches worldwide. Professional memberships include: Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI), Outpost Centers International (OCI), and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

To learn more, please visit our web site,, or call 866.260.8958.