By Dena Simonds~

I recently downloaded a program to help clean up my laptop. My computer was slowing down to where it just took forever to do any thing. I study the Bible a lot with my computer—Ellen White programs; commentaries; translations; Greek words, etc. I didn’t realize how much I used my lap top for Bible study until it was GONE.

That’s right. I shut my computer down after downloading and the next day…no programs. I remember seeing something saying This will effect your preloaded programs. Are you sure you want to do this?????

I hit the button—somewhat fearfully. I wanted my computer to be cleaned. No programs popped up. Only my picture of Jesus and a blue background. I was program-free. I had nothing. All my Revelation study I worked so hard to do was GONE. (I had already done that twice because Satan killed it the first time.)

I guess I got my computer cleaned up all right! I cried and fretted and cried. I started praying, Lord, this is your computer. It’s your Revelation and I am sorry I did something. Please save my Revelation study. Lord, please save my Revelation.

I lifted my laptop: nothing. I prayed again. Nothing. Next day—pray; lift laptop; nothing. Mind you, I believed with all my heart that my prayer would be answered and when I lifted my laptop lid the programs would appear. The Bible says to ask, believe and receive.

Nothing. I then started to pray that my brother would be able to help. My brother deals with stuff like this for a living and I knew if anybody could help me he could. He’s busy so I started to pray he would have the time and a willing spirit. I don’t like to burden people. So I started to pray that God would help him know how to fix my problem. Lord, give my brother knowledge and a willing spirit. That is all I would pray.

When I told my mom the dilemma she called my brother. No answer.  I would leave it up to the Lord. I would have to do Bible study the old-fashioned way. Opening books and turning pages. I didn’t realize how I used the dictionary in my computer. Or how often I wanted to use resources that were on my computer. I was frustrated, but did the best I could.

A week later I was sitting in my apartment when my brother walked in. “I hear you have a problem,” he said. I  got all excited because I had prayed that my brother could be part of a miracle—if there was to be one. I told him I had downloaded a reputable program and hit the button and lost all my programs. He isn’t to keen on downloading stuff; but the Consumer Report said it was the best.

He lifted my laptop lid and all my programs started to pop up on the screen! I stared. I had lifted that lid many times, just like he did, and nothing happened. Now here they all were popping up!

It was a miracle to me…I don’t know if my brother realized how much praying had been done for him…or that all he had to do was come and lift the laptop lid and receive a miracle that he didn’t even know he had coming! I don’t believe he understood how excited I was, nor the turmoil I had suffered.

I checked to make sure Revelation was there. Yep.