Diane Harris will become Rocky Mountain Conference director of education effective Jan. 1, 2021. The RMC Executive Committee, meeting on Dec. 8 via Zoom, voted unanimously to accept the RMC Administrative Committee’s recommendation of the appointment of Harris to replace Lonnie Hetterle, who is retiring at the end of the month after serving more than 25  years in RMC education.

Harris brings 20 plus years of experience in education, having served as RMC’s associate superintendent since 2003. Prior to joining the education department, Harris taught second grade at Mile High Academy.

Education has always been a passion for Harris and she is excited about the opportunity ahead of her.

“The Rocky Mountain Conference is blessed with incredibly talented teachers who strive to show their students Jesus. I am so blessed to continue to work alongside them,” Harris said.

Outgoing superintendent Lonnie Hetterle said, “Harris is not only an expert in Adventist education, but also has a God-given ability to understand and to care for people of all ages. She is a licensed counselor and has a passion for all of God’s people, but especially for children and young people.”

“She has a tender and compassionate spirit and yet has the ability to have difficult conversations when necessary. Diane Harris has the confidence of the teachers and has the vision to lead our schools into the future. She is a consummate professional. I am so very pleased to welcome her to her new role and know that she will be a blessing to the Rocky Mountain Conference for years to come,” Hetterle concluded

Keeping Jesus at the center of the education experience will continue to be top priority for Harris.

“Together we can move forward in the effort to educate the children of Rocky Mountain Conference and, more importantly, make sure that each student gets to know Jesus,” Harris said.

RMC president Ed Barnett, commenting on the new role Harris will assume in 2021, said, “We couldn’t be more excited about Diane accepting the position as our new education director. She has been trained for 20 years to step into this position. I believe she will continue to be a blessing to the Rocky Mountain Conference.”