The wedding was unusual, the setting was a cornfield.  You heard me, a cornfield.  Oh are you saying you have never heard of such a thing?  Me either but it’s true, I have pictures to prove it.

As I watched the bride and groom I wondered will they feel the same next year as they do today?  Will they love each other more or less this time next year or ten years from now? It’s a question worth pondering if you’re married or about to be married.

Today in the classroom more children come from broken homes, it is an epidemic.  Parents have to figure out how to juggle children, jobs and everything else life hands them plus be good parents.

My bride and groom seem to have everything going for them, jobs, security, love, God, great families.  What more could they ask for?  Yet I feel afraid for them life is fragile and homes are fragile these days.

I am praying for “my” bride and groom that they will communicate, pray and read the bible together.  Do you think this assures a happy home?  I don’t either but I know it can’t hurt, I’m just saying.