This is the season to be growing your food. More and more we hear about all the additives that are in the foods we eat on a regular basis. These additives and preservatives poison our bodies. No wonder there are so many people suffering from disease these days.

Did you know there is a way for you to control what is in your food? Yes, and it is very simple. Grow it yourself!

I started gardening about six years ago and love it. Like many of you, I was not raised in a family that gardened. The thought of gardening seemed really almost impossible
for me to be successful at. I took a leap of faith and prayed that God would bless my hands and flourish everything that I planted.

Believe it or not, God did just that. This was a real encouragement to me. I even started a gardening class for kids.

Gardening is not only healthy for you, but is also a mental and emotional stress reliever. Gardening is great exercise as well. You may want to start off using pots to grow your vegetables. This is a simple and easy way for beginners.

I encourage you to grow it yourself so you and your family can thrive in health!

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