The Popcorn and Poetry Event recently held at the Grand Junction Church drew more than 40 people of all ages, from children through the most senior of the congregation. This was the second such event held.

Plenty of popcorn was provided, and the poetry readings spanned a complete range of emotions—entertaining and happy to somber and contemplative. The pieces shared were both classic favorites and originals.

“It all started,” said Karla Klemm, “when I talked with Kathy Swelstad to see if she felt others would be interested in an activity where people could share their favorite poetry readings.” In today’s digital society, people are wanting to go back to connecting in ways that are more personal.

Having learned to appreciate poetry from her grandmother when she was young, Klemm continues to enjoy it and wanted to share it with others. The first reading was billed Poetry and Pie and took place in January 2018.

Advertising for the first event, which drew nearly 35 people, invited the congregation and friends to come if they wanted to do a reading or had a favorite poem. Some came because of their love for poetry, others just to listen.

A variety of poetry was shared at the event­—some secular, some spiritual and some nostalgic. Many shared poetry passed through the generations in their families.

Grand Junction’s social committee, named Connect Ministry, holds an event each month ranging from Lemonade on the Lawn (an after-church service to encourage the congregation to hang out and visit longer) to church campouts. Last year’s campout had more than 50 people attend. Events like these and Popcorn and Poetry bring together the church in fun and unique ways.

Nate Skaife pastors the Grand Junction Church in Grand Junction, Colorado.