Garrett Holmes has accepted the invitation of the Mid-America Union Conference Executive Committee to serve as associate treasurer for the MAUC beginning July 1, 2020. He will fill the position left vacant last December when former MAUC associate treasurer, Gwen Speak, joined the Gulf States Conference as their treasurer. 

Holmes, who holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Andrews University, has been employed by the General Conference Auditing Service for the last five years, where he worked his way from an internship to holding the title of Audit Senior and serving the Adventist Church not only in Mid-America territory but also on both East and West Coasts, Canada and Italy.

“Garrett brings to the MAUC Treasury staff the GCAS connection that I think is vital to our mission statement of helping our conferences in a collaborative way,” said Mid-America Union treasurer Troy Peoples. “Having auditor experience will be a help to our local conferences if they have questions about how to account for something, as well as making sure the day-to-day work in the Treasury Department of the union runs smoothly.”

Experienced, skilled and dedicated

During his time at Andrews University, Holmes worked in Financial Records in their Accounts Payable department. Between his junior and senior year at Andrews, he worked as a task force intern at the Hawaii Conference for 10 months where he started learning how the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s accounting departments operate. 

“I’m looking forward to being able to serve the Adventist Church in a new capacity,” said Holmes. “Having five years of auditing experience, I’m looking forward to being a resource to the members and organizations of the Mid-America Union. Over the last several months, I have felt that God was trying to tell me that it was time to transition to a new role. When MAUC president Gary Thurber came to my office and stated that the officers of the Mid-America Union would really like to see me on their team, I felt that God was telling me that this was my next step.”

Reflecting on Holmes’ transition, Thurber said, “It’s a beautiful thing when you are able to find someone to join your team who is totally committed to the Lord and our church’s mission who also has such outstanding skills. We are so blessed in MAUC that this is the case with Garrett.”

Holmes also recently began taking courses through Colorado State University—Global Campus, an online school, to earn a Master’s in Accounting with an emphasis in fraud investigations and forensic accounting.

In addition to his work and studies, Holmes enjoys going on adventures, traveling and creating memories with his family and friends.

Photo: Courtesy Garrett Holmes