Glacier View Ranch was filled with activity this summer, including the creation of a 52-week, theme-based curriculum for RMC youth for 2021.

Implications from the continued pandemic kept normal camp programing from operating, but GVR staff were not discouraged; rather, inspired. Camp staff from Union College and Southern Adventist University worked to improve GVR facilities and programming and to create youth initiatives to benefit churches throughout the year.

The team, led by Nena Madrigal and John Kent, GVR college staff from Tennessee, crafted a set of weekly lessons that tackles the biblical concept of living life with purpose. Over the next few months, the curriculum will be finalized and released to RMC churches in January.

“It’s really exciting to have a product like this rolling out from the RMC Youth Department,” said Kiefer Dooley, RMC youth director. “This is a curriculum written for Adventist youth with messages, ideas and inspiration to drive the formation of relationships between leaders and youth. The curriculum will also complement the programming at GVR in 2021.”

While the concept and the material are exciting, making a difference in the lives of young people will not be possible without the participation of local congregations. The Youth Department is looking for youth leaders to connect and engage at a deeper level.

If you’re a youth leader, please email or text them at 870.688.8508 to be placed on the mailing list for the 2021 Fully Alive curriculum and receive important updates about functions and invitations to monthly youth leaders’ online gatherings. Include your name, local church/community, and cell phone number or email address. The Youth Department looks forward to partnering with you.