Once again I want to thank my daughter, Stephanie, for helping me at the end of a busy day.  She wrote the following thought and is graciously allowing me to share it with you.  —  Buffy

“I have found that there are moments in my life when God allows me to catch his scent ever so briefly.  Other times I feel him brush against my arm or see Him dance in the corner of my eye, only to have Him disappear when I try to look in His direction.  It is a frustrating feeling–a roller coaster emotion.  My heart skips a beat when I realize He decided to show up; butterflies rise in my stomach, and my excitement builds as I try to hang on to the moment and comprehend the power of His presence.  Then, before I get the chance to tell Him how happy I am that He came, the same ordinary moment that announced His arrival seems to whisk Him away, and He is gone.

“For years this frustrated me and, at times, paralyzed me.  The seeming absence of God in the ordinariness of life left a hole in my heart that nothing else could fill.  It was only when–in one ordinary moment I felt His breath on my ear and heard Him say my name–that the fleeting glimpses of God began to seem less fleeting.  There was no obvious power in the minute that He chose, nothing that allowed it to stand out among all of the other minutes in this life, except that He was there.  I felt my heart skip a beat and the butterflies begin to rise in my stomach as I heard Him whisper, ‘Stephanie, find Me here too.’  That sweet whisper was a promise.  He promised me His constant presence, and then He invited me to see Him in the ordinariness of this life.”

Look for Him.  Quiet your soul so that you can hear His whisper, and let the ordinariness of life be filled with God.


Photo credit:  Julie Escobar