Several weeks ago, while driving on I-35W from Ft. Worth to Keene, Texas, I remembered an experience that I had had years ago when driving the same stretch of road.  One of our very dear friends was the officer that patrolled the section of I-35W that runs in front of Huguley Hospital.  While driving on that stretch, I pulled out from behind a semi truck and saw a police car up ahead.  I was trying to get around traffic so that I could catch up and see if it was my friend.  Suddenly, a small sports car–going very fast–pulled out from behind the semi just as I had done a few minutes before.  He caught sight of the police car and immediately slowed way down and pulled back in behind the semi.

It hit me with amazing clarity.  I was trying to catch up with the officer:  I was sure it was my friend, and I wanted to be close and wave.  The driver of the sports car only knew that he was breaking the law.  When that person saw the officer, he put distance between them and tried to hide.  The difference was that I knew the officer. I wanted to get closer.  I was sure of my relationship with him and knew that I would find grace, acceptance, and friendship.  I knew that he would be happy to see me.  The driver of the other car didn’t know the officer and lived in fear of him.  What joy and freedom there is when we know the Lawgiver!  We know there is no need to be afraid, because the law is completely covered with His perfect love and grace.  This week, remember there is no need to create space; He wants you close.


Photo credit:  iStock, tfoxfoto