Out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mari Areolla Padilla, a member of the Emanuel Hispanic Church in Kansas City, Kansas, wanted to find a way to serve others. Padilla is the owner of a cleaning business, and due to the quarantine found herself at home with time to kill.

After watching videos of the nurses and doctors on the frontlines saving lives, she was inspired to contribute her “tiny share” to help them. Protective masks were in short supply for medical professionals. Perhaps she could find a way to provide masks to those in need.

Padilla called a good friend who knew how to sew and shared her idea. “You know how to sew and I’ll provide the materials,” she explained. Her friend happily agreed to help. After diligently watching tutorials on how to properly make sterilized masks, production began.

Good causes always inspire others, and soon other friends who were out of work volunteered their services to make masks with them. Her family was also inspired to help her fulfill her dream of helping workers on the frontlines.

Materials for the masks were difficult to find due to store closures, but more than 350 masks were made and shipped to New York, through the Greater New York Conference. The group of volunteers are also keeping up production of their masks to help local nurses in the Kansas City area. With every mask, they are inserting a Bible text to encourage the wearer.

“We are so blessed. Even though we are not working on our daily jobs and not making money, we are working for the best boss: Jesus Christ. God is faithfully providing for our needs and we want to give back by blessing others,” shared Padilla.

Be inspired and use your God-given gifts to bless someone in your community. In this time of crisis, more than ever, we can be God’s hands in action.

Roberto Correa serves as hispanic coordinator for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.