Summer camp 2021 was one for the books. In the span of six weeks, a total of 162 campers registered, with 82 at Flag Mountain Camp and 80 at Northern Lights Camp. Eleven baptisms were celebrated throughout the summer.

The theme for camp this summer was “Wonder” which focused on returning to a spirit of awe and amazement of the Godhead. It is well known that this past year has been exceptionally trying in more ways than one, and it seems as though bad news, division and hardship is around every corner.

Campers were invited to ponder the possibility of a new reality: What if we lived in wonder of a good and beautiful God? What if God was actually inviting us into collaboration with Him—inviting us to be part of the wonder in the world?

The year 2021 has been an absolute demonstration of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Child-like wonder has reawakened in the hearts of Dakota youth, allowing them to see the world through the lenses of goodness and redemption.

Summer camp truly has been the highlight of the year. Campers and staff sang, played, worshiped, exploded some confetti, and dared to dream of a world brought to life again, vibrant with the color of the gospel.

Ask your camper or a child you know about their experience this summer, and prepare to hear something WONDERful.

Pastors Brooke and Ricky Melendez have served in the Dakota Conference over the last eight years in the capacity of church pastors, campus ministries, and most recently youth and camp directors. Though they have accepted positions in the Rocky Mountain Conference and will soon move, the impact they have made on Dakota’s youth will live for years to come.