Haitian Flag Day is a vibrant holiday celebrated worldwide by Haitians as a time to showcase their national pride and honor the country’s rich heritage, resilience, and revolutionary spirit. This day offers a fantastic evangelism opportunity for the Covenant Seventh-Day Adventist Church located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Every year, the church hosts an exciting picnic for the Haitian community, transforming this special day into an unforgettable experience. The event is marked by the deaconesses’ culinary skills as they prepare an array of delicious dishes that reflect the rich Haitian culture and heritage. 

The youth contribute by playing music that poignantly depicted Haiti’s historical struggles and triumphs. The elders play a crucial role in making the event accessible to all, offering transportation to ensure everyone— regardless of their ability to drive—can partake in the festivities. 

This year, the picnic drew an impressive crowd of over 300 attendees. Church members hope to continue to highlight the importance of this celebration not only for those who migrate to the Cedar Rapids area but also for those who contribute to the community.