I like introducing people to Christ. One of the tools to help me is this card. I call it the Gospel Journey card. It’s just a way of reminding me as to where people that I meet are on their journey with Christ.

Too much info on it. Make your own. Too old school(paper card), go digital, find an app or keep notes on the things you are praying for in someone’s life. Not sure what the Engle scale is? Ask me.

We need to talk to more people about Christ. And we need to stay connected with the ones who we have had initial conversations. We generally talk with the same 5-10 people about 80% of the time. It’s the other 20% that needs our attention. Start your day with this request. Lord, send me somewhere today where I can talk with someone about you and how great you are. Your mission is to get really good at talking with people about Jesus. You can. This card can help. In the next post I’ll talk about God Talk. Why it seems so hard for us, how to tell your story and how to appeal to someone’s heart at the right time. Keep talking.