Since 1999 mini-miracles of encouragement have been occurring for the sake of proclaiming God’s message over the airwaves. At a recent radio KTWJ (Keep in Tune with Jesus) board meeting, member Kent Well suggested praying for a “modern day fleece” to see if the committee should step out in faith without the full amount of funds in hand to buy and build the new radio tower.The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had both already approved the construction of a 570-foot tower with 100 kilowatts on land north of Wing, North Dakota. Moreover, the landowner had agreed to lease the land.The landowner’s usual lease charge is $3-4,000 per month, since the proposed location of the radio tower is prime farmland. However, he graciously declared: “We will work a little better deal for you since you are a church.” The board decided that if the landowner would agree to lease the land for $250 or less per month, they would know that it was God’s will to move forward and order the tower with faith that the remaining funds would be received.Board members DeLane Meier, Kent Well, and Lee Meier (non-member) went to meet with the landowner. While waiting for their appointment they heard the landowner concluding a transaction for the purchase of cattle totaling $200,000. This was only one of the day’s transactions. The board members were beginning to feel doubts about their proposal. Nevertheless, they continued to pray.

As they reviewed the lease contract, the landowner asked, “How much can you give me?” Meier struggled with how to respond, praying silently. Suddenly, the landowner began speaking about some property for which he gets $30 an acre from a farmer plus $30 from the government. The tower land need is 13 acres on tillable ground, not pasture land. During this time, Meier was calculating the amount the landowner receives.  Meier suggested, “How about $1,000 a year?” The gentleman looked startled. Then he announced, “I guess I can do that.”

At the conclusion of the visit, he said, “In a few years I am going to deed you these 13 acres. If you can only save one person, it will be worth the effort.”

The tower has been ordered. The manufacturing process will take two months. The plan is to have the tower up and operational before the FCC’s August 1 deadline.

Please continue to pray for God’s leading as we move forward with this ministry. For questions or information on how to support this project, contact DeLane Meier at 701.223.8579 or visit

Author Kim Boyko is a member of the Bismarck, ND church. Co-author Sharon Heinrich is development director of Dakota Adventist Academy.