By Sheila Schlisner, volunteer MAUC director for Adventist Community Services

The goal for Adventist Community Services (ACS) is to be active in our communities, not just be a part of them.  We need to be like Jesus, our example. He walked with and ministered to those in need.  If we do not get to know our neighbors by meeting their needs, why would we expect them to want to get to know us?  Through loving service we will draw people to Christ.  We must be intentional about true service to our community.

Phyllis Alexander of the Dakota Conference ventured out during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. She was in the heart of the event,  sharing and meeting people. Cathy Kissner from Rocky Mountain Conference states that they get their community involved by making and giving blankets to our service men and women.  While visiting with Jody Dickhaut from Iowa-Missouri Conference, we both agreed that ACS will be a way that we can continue to spread the gospel during the end times.  Their Van Ministry will continue to feed many.  John Treolo and volunteers from the Kansas-Nebraska Conference assisted with an F5 tornado disaster in the Greensburg, Kansas area.  Listening to people’s stories and helping them rebuild their lives was a blessing to behold.

Adventist Community Services in Mid-America Union is yet another arm of the gospel to reach searching souls in need of a Savior.

Adventist Community Services Van Ministry