RMCNews – Colorado Springs, Colorado… During a March 9 meeting with the Colorado Springs South church members, Eric Nelson, vice-president of administration for the Rocky Mountain Conference, presented the name of Lucas Lujan for their new part-time associate pastor. The church voted unanimously to accept the proposal.

Lujan, already a member of the congregation, is well-known and loved by many in the congregation and has been leading the church outreach ministry, Nelson commented.

“The last thing I could have seen myself doing in life was serving God in the church, but now, it seems, the only thing I want to do is serve God in the church,” Lujan said.

The congregation has supported Lujan through the years as he has experienced real-world issues, according to Nelson. “It has been very encouraging to me to see how the church has supported Lucas through the years as he has grown in his walk with the Lord,” he said.

“I’ve met and talked with Lucas and he has shared with me his journey with the Lord. It has been a thrill to see him grow in his desire to serve the Lord and [to see] his faithfulness. I look forward to his fulfilling this role and expect God will use him in a mighty way,” Nelson added.

Jack Bohannon, retired minister, commented on Lujan’s devotion to the church.  “Lucas Lujan and his wife, Asbury, are devoted to each other and are both hard workers in the church.”

Lujan is expanding his knowledge through the Lay Pastor training classes and is expected to begin serving as associate minister in March.

“If Christ is with me on this journey, I have every right to be confident in Him. I am telling the truth: I was a great sinner; however, He is a great Savior!” Lujan shared.

–RMCNews; photo supplied