The Americorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) recently recognized Cathy Kissner, Rocky Mountain Conference Adventist Community Services and Disaster Relief (ACS-DR) director, for her outstanding leadership.

In a letter of appreciation, leaders from the NCCP, which is the domestic version of the Peace Corps, expressed their thanks to the RMC ACS-DR team for their significant support during the recovery efforts in the aftermath of Colorado’s floods last September.

Kissner played a critical role in achieving success in the NCCC’s two-part mission of strengthening communities and developing leaders. The RMC ACS-DR team provided much needed support to the operations of the Northern Colorado Flood Emergency Distribution Center in Loveland. According to the NCCC team, working hands-on with the RMC-DR team was an “exceptional experience.”

They stated that Kissner’s team-oriented approach was what made her a great leader. She was quick to integrate the FEMA and NCCC teams with her ACS-DR team. Kissner’s team worked together to solve problems, and they were very inclusive in the decision-making processes.

“Above all, Cathy and her team stand out for their dedication, compassion and selfless service,” said Ken Goodson, NCCC regional director. “The distribution center was a well-oiled machine because they refused to offer anything less than their best service to citizens in crisis.”

“We know in our hearts that community service efforts are an important part of our ministry,” said Eric Nelson, RMC executive secretary, “but it’s always nice to hear affirmation. This is indeed high praise by a national organization recognizing the effort and work of Cathy Kissner and all the volunteers that assisted in the relief efforts.”

Photo of cathy Kissner by Mark Bond.

News reporter Mark Bond is communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference.