In collaboration with the Voice of Prophecy, in Loveland, Colorado, Christian Record Services for the Blind has available the new Discover Bible Study Guides in large print and Braille for people who are legally blind.

“We are delighted to offer the Discover Bible Study Guides in these formats,” said Diane Thurber, president of the nonprofit ministry that’s celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. “The updated guides are accessible for people in all stages of their walk with Christ. Making them readable in large print and Braille just means that many more people will have the opportunity to experience a love that changes lives.”

“I am excited that local congregations can now offer Discover in accessible formats for their members to use in outreach,” said Richard Clark Jr., the Bible School coordinator at Christian Record. “The large print and Braille formats will empower members who are legally blind with a convenient way to lead Bible studies.”

While it’s preferable that someone at a local church use the guides to study with someone in their community, Christian Record also offers Discover through its Correspondence Bible School. The completed guides are mailed to Christian Record’s office for grading.

The new large print and Braille Bible guides are currently available in the United States and its territories, Guam-Micronesia, and Bermuda, but soon may be available in other regions of the world. To request the first two lessons of the new Discover Bible Study Guides , without cost, for you or someone who is legally blind, call Christian Record’s office at 402.488.0981 during office hours Monday through Thursday or send an email to This is also how to sign up for the course by correspondence.

Patricia Maxwell Robertson is communication director for Christian Record Services for the Blind.