Since I have a family history of diabetes, I already knew the basics facts about blood sugar levels and insulin production. What I didn’t know is that of the three types of diabetes, only 5% of the North America population has type 1 (juvenile onset) and another 5% has gestational diabetes. The other 90% have type 2, or lifestyle induced diabetes.

According to the CHIP research, modifying diet and increasing physical exercise can get most type 2 diabetics off their medications within a few months.

One thing we talked about at this session is how to make CHIP-friendly choices when eating out. The first observation was that eating out automatically limits your choices, whereas if you eat at home you have control over what to prepare and how and when.

However, there are occasions such as family celebrations when it’s important to connect with friends and loved ones and enjoy a meal together at a restaurant. Your best bet will be a sit-down-order-from-a-menu establishment rather than a fast food place.

CHIP TIPS for successful dining out:

  1. Order salads, sides or starters instead of a main meal.
  2. Ask for dressings/sauces on the side and instead of pouring them on your food, just dip your fork in them before taking a bite.
  3. Request the healthy substitutions you want. Most restaurants are happy to make changes that will suit your needs.
  4. Make water your beverage of choice. Add lemon if you want flavor.
  5. Go with fresh fruit for dessert. Later you’ll be happy you did!

What I Learned from Session 7

Lowering fat in the diet is just as important in disarming diabetes as managing sugar intake.

What I Choose Today

I choose to continue my search for satisfying alternatives made without refined sugars.

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