This spring 1,000 St. Louis-area Adventists gathered for a mission rally with General Conference President Ted N.C. Wilson. While adults recommitted themselves to Share the Hope in their communities, children experienced innovative ministry on their behalf from a talented Central States team.

Boys and girls were energized as they creatively experienced God’s love. A song entitled “Romans 8:28” introduced the theme “Together We Can Do It.” Praise leaders Candis Johnson and Twainika Jimmerson and their staff intrigued the children with sign language and other hand movements. Activities such as Play-Doh sculpting and rice battling focused on team building. Children also collaborated through puzzle play. Some crafts and activities focused on Bible characters such as Adam and Eve.

Through fun, age-appropriate activities, the younger attendees of the mission rally experienced firsthand that Bible-based activities can be fun as well as educational.

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Author Twainika Jimmerson is a member of The Lighthouse in St. Louis, Missouri.

Photographer Felicia King Cooley is an award-winning photojournalist and a member of the Berean Church in St. Louis, Missouri.