Dakota Conference is pleased to announce that Elder Bryce Pascoe has accepted the position of ministerial secretary. In 2010 Elder Pascoe retired from the North Pacific Union Conference, where he served as executive secretary and health director for 16 years.

Pascoe was born in Sydney, Australia and transferred to the United States for further education, graduating from Andrews University Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. Following his ministerial training and five years of pastoral ministry in Pennsylvania, Pascoe graduated from Loma Linda University with a Masters in Public Health and directed the Columbia Union Conference’s health education, stewardship and development departments. In 1986 the Pascoes transferred to the Upper Columbia Conference, where he served as ministerial secretary and then as executive secretary until 1994.

Pascoe and his wife, Genia, have a son, Todd, a Walla Walla University graduate who is an attorney in Vancouver, Washington.

Pascoe continues to reside in Oregon, where he has retired, but since his acceptance of the ministerial position has met with all Dakota Conference pastors and is available via phone and email. He will come to the Dakotas to provide a three-day seminar and will be speaking for an evening meeting during Dakota camp meeting (June 4–8).

News writer Jacquie Biloff is communication director for the Dakota Conference.