Maurice R. Valentine II is the new president of Central States Conference, elected June 17 by delegates to a regular quadrennial constituency meeting. Roger Bernard was reelected as vice president for administration and Tonya Anderson as vice president for finance.

Elder Valentine, who has been serving the Mid-America Union as both vice president for administration and ministerial director, said: “I count it an honor to accept the call to return to the place which birthed, nurtured, and honed my spiritual journey, the Central States Conference. Moreover, I’m humbled at the opportunity of once again being called of the Lord.” Central States covers the largest geographical territory of any local conference in the North American Division.

Before coming to the Mid-America Union, over the course of 21 years Elder Valentine served 11 congregations in four states, during which he was exposed to ministry opportunities across the division as a marriage retreat, graduation commencement and convention speaker who also trained church leaders in strategic planning geared specifically to strengthening the discipleship process.  Later the Lord exposed him to international ministry in the Caribbean, Canada and England as a marriage retreat facilitator, pastor trainer and evangelistic speaker (respectively).  He concluded his previous service at Central States as assistant to the president.

Since that time Valentine has become more familiar with administrative leadership, currently serving on various committees of the North American Division; he is also a member of the Adventist Health System executive board and vice chair of the Union College Board of Trustees. He holds degrees in communications and theology from Oakwood University and the Master of Divinity from Andrews University.

“My passion is the restoration of mission as determined by Jesus in the great commission pervasively in our church, educational, and healthcare institutions,” declares Valentine. “My greatest enjoyment in ministry is derived from seeing people discover or rediscover their place in God’s plan as healthy growing disciples of Jesus Christ and see them pursue their giftedness in connected synergized ministry to reach the unchurched.”

Valentine testifies that his love for helping God’s people grow relationally with Jesus and each other is only exceeded by his love for his family, with whom he enjoys skiing, hiking, and exploration of natural wonders. He has been married to the former Sharon Livingston for 26 years; together they are blessed with two adult sons and a daughter.

“To this day, helping people hear His voice is what Sharon and I have dedicated our lives to,” says Elder Valentine. “Together we have learned it is in His presence that we experience the fullness of His joy, and in the center of His will we learn the disciplines of His saving grace and peace.  Therefore, I accept the call of the constituents of Central States Conference to serve, with the hope that together as His disciples we can be co-laborers with Him working harmoniously and collaboratively to finish the work.”

The Central States constituency session was held at conference headquarters in Kansas City, Kansas. Representing the larger Seventh-day Adventist organization at the meeting were Thomas L. Lemon, president of the Mid-America Union, and Alvin Kibble, a vice president of the North American Division. The local conference executive committee will complete the election of department directors and fill other non-administrative positions.