A campus ministries fusion group called FŪZ Small helped the House of Neighborly Service food pantry in November by going out into the community and collecting much-needed food items. Before the pantry items were collected, the group spent an evening baking cookies, which they packaged with a flyer explaining their project, what food items were most needed by HNS, and when they would be back to pick up donations. Then the group distributed the cookies in a nearby community.

A few days later, they returned to collect the donations. The project was well-received by the community. Many people had bags of food—some even had boxes of food—ready to donate.

Jessica Singon, a senior at Campion Academy, commented, “I was so proud of us because we are such a small group, yet we are still capable of making a difference.”

FŪZ Small leader Honali Marin said, “Partnering with a local organization that is well known in the community really helps the positive reception. People know about HNS and what they do for our community and are happy to help.”

Residents were also more prepared to give to the collection drive because of the cookie deliveries. “Taking the time to make something tasty to give to the people who are being asked to help helped us make a positive connection in the neighborhood,” explained Marin. “It gives us a chance to give the residents a heads-up as to what we are doing and when we will be back, so they can plan and be prepared.”

FŪZ Small plans to continue building a relationship with HNS and providing food items for their pantry throughout the school year.

Campion’s Fusion worship and activities happen on Wednesday nights to provide students with an additional spiritual focus and mid-week refresher. In the coming semester, Campion plans to encourage more students to join small fusion groups such as FŪZ Small.

Article and Photo: Campion News