Bill_Hay For nearly 17 years Bill Hay has been the Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC) associate director of Planned Giving and Trust Services, traveling by car to the near and far reaches of our conferences as field representative. A lover of people, Hay enjoyed assisting our members in preparing their wills and trusts. For a number of years he also served as the stewardship director. Hay is leaving the RMC to conduct the same type of work for Amazing Facts, a Christian media ministry based in Roseville, California. His road travel will be traded in for air travel as he covers the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Guam. “Bill has been a tremendous asset to our Planned Giving and Trust Services program over the past 16 years,” said Gary Chapman, director of Planned Giving and Trust Services. “We have deeply appreciated his competence, his friendship, and most of all, his deep and obvious relationship with God. We will greatly miss him!” Hay will continue living in Colorado, working from his home base in Berthoud.

News writer Carol Bolden is assistant to the communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference.