Once I was exhausted and overwhelmed by life. I needed God’s help with so many things, but I could hardly find words. I was horrified when I realized how little I was praying. Then one of my kids offered a blessing. It was simple, the same as the last time and the time before that and rather than thinking I’d do something much more creative if it was my turn, I wondered if that wasn’t my problem.

Maybe I’d made prayer too hard. Jesus told us it isn’t a performance. It’s chit chat, desperate calls for help, venting, confessing, but not performance. I thought about expressing love to my husband. Sometimes I say profound things, sometimes not. Still, I think he likes me to say all the things between the eloquent things. So I decided to rewind a bit in my prayer evolution and came up with this:

Jesus, please fill me up with love. Help our family be a light.
Please help my body make a comeback and help us pay off our debt. I love you.

I know it doesn’t follow any rules or prayer pattern I’ve ever seen, but it follows my kids’ simple pattern and Jesus did say to be like children. So I pray for my five things and thank God through the day when I see His smile in my blessings.

It makes me wonder what else I’ve made too hard when He said, “My yoke is easy.” If that’s true, easy isn’t the cop-out we’ve made it out to be. And if that’s true, we don’t have to feel guilty any time we choose something that happens to be easier.