Small groups make a huge difference! Adventist Young Professionals is bringing people together and creating communities. Current group leader, Jaren Humphreys, said of the program:

“I have loved every second of leading a group with AYP! It has enhanced my spiritual life; being able to meet with like-minded people and create a space to talk about God has been huge. This has been phenomenal for me during Covid; it has given me a community that I would not have otherwise.”

Since the program’s start in October, it has grown to 13 groups with nearly 100 active group members. Many members are involved with more than one group because of the blessing it has been in their lives.

Don’t have experience with leading small groups?

Feeling underqualified? Kasondra Reel had never led a small group before joining AYP but she didn’t let that stop her:

“I’m new to the whole small group thing. I didn’t really know what to expect. But diving into some deep God stuff with other people who are caving God as intensely as I am is so exciting. My group just started and we all expressed our excitement for the weeks to come. I am looking forward to every minute and discussion we have.” 

Join Jaren and Kasondra and become a group leader! Email me at for more information! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kelly Payne is  vice president and executive secretary of AYP.