Matches made in heaven are not always of the romantic kind. Take, for instance, the connection formed between members of the Aspen Park Church and their neighbors—Dick and Marti Wooton. Their relationship began in 2007 when the Wootons moved into the house across the street from the Seventh-day Adventist church in Conifer.

Church members stopped by to greet them with a basket of goodies and an invitation to their Thanksgiving meal. Since Marti had recently had hip replacement surgery, two church members found a wheelchair to transport her to the church.

Many other invitations ensued and Marti and Dick found themselves attending summer games, sitting around a campfire listening to banjo music and enjoying times of prayer.

When Marti and Dick moved to the Limon area for several years, they lost touch with the Aspen Park Church members, but thought of them often. Immediately upon their return to Conifer, Dick was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It was a difficult time for both of them.

A member of the women’s Bible study group, Charlene Kinney, knocked on Marti’s door one day to invite her to the Tuesday morning Bible study. An immediate connection formed between Marti and Charlene. “During those Bible studies I connected with some of the sweetest souls I have ever known,” says Marti.

Returning home from church one Sabbath, Marti discovered that Dick had fallen. Unable to help him up, she called paramedics who arrived just a few minutes before Pastor Ron and Dani Spurling.

Since Dick was unable to do yard work that summer, two church members took over the care of their yard.

Marti faithfully attends the women’s Bible study and takes part in the church service by playing the piano and sharing special music. “What a joy it’s been,” says Charlene, “to know Marti and see her love for Jesus.”