A new summer program is shaping the futures of Union College business majors. Last summer, leaders at Centura Health recruited university students, including three business majors from Union College, to participate in a summer management internship. Top-performing interns will be invited to continue in a three-year residency program or other business related positions after graduation. These young interns and residents aren’t future doctors, but their participation in this innovative program is equally important to the continued future growth and strength of our hospitals.

While new to Denver-area Adventist hospitals, this program has deep roots in the Adventist Health System. Morre Dean, president of Porter Adventist Hospital, traces his leadership roots to a similar program he participated in at Florida Hospital 25 years ago.

“The summer program is essentially a three-month, in-depth interview for potential job candidates,” explains Stephanie Lampson, who is heading up the program. Lampson is a recent graduate of Walla Walla University and is currently part of the management residency. “The summer program is also a three-month advertisement for the health system. It affords us the opportunity to give potential candidates a broad exposure to the many varied career paths available in this mission-driven organization.”

Interns have opportunities to learn through rotations in various departments, including decision support, human resources, business operations, business development, supply chain, or physician management. Each rotation involves completing a major project over the course of the summer. Interns also gain exposure to areas of healthcare not covered in specific rotations.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the program occurs each Friday when the interns have the opportunity to mingle with and gain mentorship from upper-level leadership. These mentoring opportunities include field trips to local areas of interest like the State Capital or a Colorado Rockies baseball game.

The program made a lasting impression on the Union College students who participated last summer. “Before my internship, healthcare was only one of the many options I was considering,” says Sameera Sigdel, who graduated last August from Union College with a business degree. “My internship helped me realize that a career in healthcare is definitely what I want to pursue if God opens the doors.”

Derek Fast, currently enjoying his senior year at Union College, says, “My internship helped me realize that healthcare is actually one of our church’s mission fields. I had many opportunities to witness—not only to the patients but to the staff as well.”

“We have so many gifted business students graduating from Adventist colleges,” says Sam Huenergardt, CEO of Parker Adventist Hospital. “We hope to see many more opportunities for students to get involved in the healing ministry that a career in healthcare leadership provides.”

If you know a business student who would be interested in a summer internship or a management residency, encourage them to speak with the dean of their university business department to find out more about available opportunities.

This article was submitted by Stephen King, senior vice president for the Rocky Mountain Adventist Health/Centura Health, where he serves the five Adventist hospital campuses in Colorado. It was written by Mark Bond.