Any dedication service is special, yet for the members of the Community Church in Fairfield, Nebraska their recent dedication held unique meaning. Following the closure of the Nelson Church about eight years ago, these members worshiped in temporary facilities in Glenvil, Hastings and Guide Rock.

Then the miracles began. A home came up for sale in Fairfield for $21,000. Once the owner realized the potential buyers wanted to convert her home into a church, she reduced the price to $15,000. Fairfield is a community of less than 500 residents, with only one other church in town.

According to Karla Marsh, church treasurer, a remodeler was hired but when funds ran out the project had to be put on hold. A while later when the remodeler was asked what would it cost to get the church ready except for painting and a few miscellaneous needs, he estimated $4,300.

“This estimate was on Thursday,” Marsh said. “The next day a check for $5,000 arrived from the Pacific Union College Church in California. It was from an anonymous giver to our church. None of us have any connections there or can figure out who might have given the money. But praise the Lord that we got the job done.”

Donna Troudt, who joined the Nelson Church in 1980, sees these miracles as a sign that God wants their church in Fairfield. “The reduced price, the surprise donation and all things working together—it has got to be God ordained,” she said.

Regarding the dedication service, Marsh noted: “Everywhere you look in the church you can see the touch of someone’s hand—something someone made, donated, painted, decorated or built. All glory goes to our Heavenly Father. He has given us a facility and definitely has a plan for this church. And we want to follow that plan.”

This article was also published in the June 2015 print edition of OUTLOOK. It was written by John Treolo, communication director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.