The theme at my kids’ school a few years back was It’s All About Him. I really like that phrase because it emphasizes why we’re here on this earth and where our focus should be.

I was reminded of that yesterday when I spoke with a lady on the phone who wanted to place a classified ad in OUTLOOK magazine. After I had given her the information, she said, “I just want to tell you about the dream my friend had. A terrible storm is coming!”

Then she went on to talk about the extreme hardships and perils that will face us in the last days of this world’s history. I could sense anxiety in her voice. She seemed sincere, but also very burdened.

When she finally paused and asked if I agreed, I said that everything in our world does indeed seem to point to the imminent return of Jesus Christ, and that, personally, I’m so excited about the possibility of seeing Him very soon that I can hardly stand it.

There was a moment of silence. Then she laughed. “What a great idea!” she exclaimed, as if it was a totally new thought to her. “What a wonderful way of thinking about the end times.”

For me, that’s the only way to think because if I focus on myself and try to purge all the sin from my life and worry about whether I can be one of the 144,000 as this dear lady was—I feel hopeless…totally hopeless.

It truly is all about Him.

Wilma understood this perfectly. When her caregiver called to tell me she had passed and to request that her mailings stopped, he told me how for the last few days of her life she was so happy. Every time she fell asleep she would say, “The next thing I see will be the face of Jesus!”

While we know there will be people in heaven who are not aware initially of the meaning of the nail prints in Jesus’ hands, it will only be because they did not have opportunity to learn about Him and develop a relationship with Him. As Christians, we do have the opportunity—every day— to seek God’s face and to remember that it’s all about Him and being together with Him forever.

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Phil 3:20