Campion Academy has introduced an agriculture class called Acquainting Agriculture. This program has a unique emphasis on pointing students from creation to Creator through direct contact with His handiwork. It is offered as an elective, vocational class available to students in grades 9-12.

Anna Perea, wife of Campion’s chaplain, Esequias Perea, is the instructor for the course. “As students begin to see the incredible design, purpose and beauty of each plant—spoken into existence so long ago—we believe hearts will be revived in response to these evidences of His exhaustless love,” says Perea.

The agriculture program shows students how to garden year-round with a simple, low cost approach. Instead of using expensive greenhouses, the program incorporates mobile caterpillar tunnels built of inexpensive materials from a local hardware store. The program is also conducted without the use of electricity, a major expense to growers.

The cafeteria will be supplied with the fresh produce throughout the school year. In addition to supplying the school’s food needs, students will have the chance to earn money toward their education. As part of the class’s final project, students are required to sell their crops to a local customer, restaurant or farmer’s market. The majority of the proceeds will then be returned to the students to use toward tuition costs.

Jill Harlow is the ELL coordinator for Campion Academy.