It was my dad’s birthday, so I called him on the phone. He was excited to tell me how he went to the city council meeting and told them he was prayer-walking the city. Afterwards, a newspaper reporter approached him and said she would like to accompany him on one of his prayer walks and write a story. It ended up on the front page of the city newspaper! Dad was thrilled. And quite honestly, I was thrilled for him!

Two years ago, my mother was shamelessly mugged while walking downtown. Ever since then, Dad’s ministry has been to prayer-walk the city of York, Pennsylvania, talking to people along the way. And it’s making a difference. Click on the following link below to read the newspaper article…

A prayer-walk ministry is so simple, yet so powerful. Perhaps God is calling you to do it in your city.

P.S.– My dad is available to speak at your church or campmeeting and teach others how to prayer-walk.