“His mother treasured all these things in her heart” (Luke 2:50).

“Hurry! Hurry up!” I groaned.  I wouldn’t mind if I never heard that word again in my entire life, Mom. Zoom! What did I just say to them? My boys are struggling into their shoes and coats as I cram our library books into a bag. We’re going to walk in late to Storytime. Again.  “HURR…y.”  The word I hated hearing dies on my lips.

Time to relax

I spent last weekend at a women’s retreat, far enough away from home to feel transported into a different realm. I longed for the balance of taking full advantage of a retreat, without returning home exhausted. God showed me how!

Shooing away my family routines and responsibilities from my mind took some doing. Even my body has been in “go mode” for so long that the adjustment was a bit intense. After some creatively-executed laps in the hotel pool, I collapsed on the bed. All too soon it was time for supper and the weekend began.

This time was my own, for once! I could choose my way through the prescribed events. My choice was not to rush.

Too my surprise and delight, I didn’t miss anything important for me. God put me in some amazing situations. He stayed behind with me as I tweaked my makeup and arranged my skirt I’d packed last-minute. I accepted the chance to slow down and feel pretty. Arriving late to meals and leaving early out of a main meeting was uncharacteristic and I felt awkward at first. But I had too. It was OK to slow, stop and yield to the Holy Spirit’s ideas for me.

One idea was especially great! A miscommunication on Sunday resulted in breakfast being delayed an hour. During that time, I met an amazing woman. We connected deeply in Christ, beginning a relationship that we expect to be personally and professionally beneficial.

Being present

Back home, I’ve consciously retained some of that “no rush” lifestyle. Never been one to shirk responsibilities and opportunities, yet… How? When? With whom? What’s going on right now that I’m missing because my mind is six steps ahead?

My thoughts are about writing this blog, cleaning up the kitchen and preparing supper. Hurrying on to later.

I feel warmth on my arm from the curved hand of my napping child.  His blond hair is splayed, flattening those cute little curls. We breathe in harmony. Relaxed. Safe. Content. I’m present. Soaking up the joy of being this close to a growing wonder.

I imagine the Holy Spirit cozies next to us, as He did to me last weekend. Tension seeps out of my body. I take another peek at his sleeping face before my eyelids close. Another gem is stored away in my heart for always.