Matthew 2:8

And he sent them to Bethlehem and said, “Go and search carefully for the young Child, and when you have found Him, bring back word to me, that I may come and worship Him also.

Cyrus busies himself in the temple. His companions work someplace among the other scribes and scholars while he runs to and fro, helping where he can while readying to go.

The trip to Jerusalem was fruitless as far as finding the young King, but King Herod was interested—his court was interested in worshipping Him. Cyrus breathes steadily, pushing the worry to the back of his mind. He seemed, genuine, King Herod. He even asked the three companions to travel to Bethlehem, and to report back to him so he might offer his own blessings on the boy.

Praise God.

Darien mentions periodically that coffers are low. Without Herod’s support, the trip may be impossible. 

“God will provide,” Baraz offered. Then just a day later King Herod commissioned them to make the trip. 

When the day arrives, a messenger appears at their door with a message from King Herod and a satchel full of gold. They are to go and search carefully for the boy King, and return with news.

Cyrus, Darien, and Baraz leave Jerusalem with a pair of camels and a donkey weighed down with provisions for the trip, and now a satchel full of coin to help them along the way.

“Perhaps we will find a gift suitable for the lad,” Cyrus says as they depart.

Darien smiles from where he sits on his camel, and pulls out the satchel from beneath his robes. The gold from King Herod.

“You mean to give all that gold to the new child?” Baraz scoffs.

“All of it.” Darien says, tucking the little bag away again.

Cyrus considers it as he walks. Every step closer to Bethlehem fills him with excitement. Though his feet are tired, his heart is light.

The only thing he wishes for is a gift to offer the king himself. Does Baraz feel the same way?

What could they possibly offer him?

What on this earth is fit for a king?

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