A Tale of Two Brains

Once upon a time there were two pastors
Both had broken brains.
Both had successful ministries.
Both loved God with all their hearts.

But their brains were broken.
One had brain cancer
The other had a personality disorder.
Both lived with joyful assurance of salvation through Jesus.
Until they died.

Both pastors died from the effects of their broken brains.
One gradually lost his life.
The other suddenly took his life.

Oh! How they were mourned.
Each so loved.
Each so missed.

That’s where our story changes.
One’s legacy remained intact.
While the other’s became open for scrutiny.
And the world began to chatter.

God looked down as big tears formed in His eyes.
These preachers lay so silent.
A bit of a chuckle caught in His throat.
He missed their distinct voices.
Mostly, He missed their daily time together.

Satan sneered at God, and then squirmed.
God glanced at His watch.
Almost time to go!

He drew out the plans for the Resurrection.
How He was looking forward to presenting new brains
To both pastors
When they awoke to everlasting life!

By Janel R. Brasuell

In loving and respectful memory of my two pastors, whose deaths impacted our faith community.

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

photo credit: Terry Alexander – Computer having hiccups via photopin cc