The holiday season can be difficult for missionaries who are separated from their loved ones and family traditions. Yet this family with roots in Mid-America is sharing with their chosen people groups the most valuable of all gifts—the love of Jesus Christ.

The Offering Basket

By Daniel Greenfield, AFM missionary to the Pnong people of Cambodia

Yau’s gnarled fingers skillfully wove thin strips of wood back and forth as a basket slowly took shape. My in-laws were visiting, and they had asked her to make a special two-part basket for collecting the missionary offering at their home church. One side was for the Pnong Project and the other side was for General Conference missions. The offering basket would actually be two short baskets woven together with a handle over the top.

It took some time for Yau to figure out what they wanted. “What are you making?” the curious villagers asked her.

“I don’t know,” she would reply, “I’ve never made anything like it before.”

When Cara and her parents went to pick up the basket, Yau asked what they were going to use it for. They told her they were going to take it to Chief God’s house to collect money to help the Pnong.

Yau was overjoyed. The strange basket took on a whole new meaning for her.