You might be tempted to think that the average 91-year-old wouldn’t be able to do much to support church missions. But Bertha Lyon isn’t your average 91-year-old. Bertha and her husband, Edward, have been active members of the Torrington (WY) Seventh-day Adventist Church since 1955.

Last summer, Bertha heard about how Maranatha International and ASI have teamed up to build One-Day Churches in parts of the world where members don’t otherwise have the means to build a church. Each church structure costs $1,500.

Bertha wanted to help build a One-Day Church, but had no idea how she could come up with that kind of money. She shared her desire with a friend, Darlene Willard, and several other family members and church friends

Bertha had recently held a garage sale that brought in $700. They decided to dedicate that toward the project, and to hold another garage sale with the hope of raising the full $1,500 needed to build a church.

Her daughter, Lori, came home from Nebraska to help with the sale. Her son, Gary, brought a truckload and a trailer full of used furniture and other goods from Cheyenne. Other items were donated from church and family members. With many prayers prayed, they advertised the garage sale in the local paper and set the time for Friday, August 31.

At 6 am people started arriving. All through the day, customers came. Item after item was purchased. But by mid-afternoon, the steady stream of buyers abruptly came to an end. Bertha finally had time to count the money. With only three items remaining, she totaled the proceeds, and the amount came to exactly $1,500—the very number they had prayed for!

“Our goal was met—not one penny over or under the amount,” recalls Bertha. “And at that same moment, the people stopped coming! It thrills my heart to share this miracle story!”

There’s not an age limit on making a difference in the world. With teamwork, prayer and determination, miracles can happen—even if you’re 91.

Author Mark Bond is the communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference.