Most of us don’t realize it, but there’s something even more contagious than covid-19 going around the world these days.

This infectious disease isn’t something new, however. It’s been with the human race from the beginning of our time on earth.

Satan had the first known case of it. And ever since he brought it to our planet, this community-born contagion has infected every human being on the earth.

Like covid-19, you can have it and not have any outward symptoms. So, it’s very hard to detect. And like covid-19, the treatments are very limited.

The best treatment is to trust the Great Physician, who is currently working on a plan to cure this disease once and for all.

Yes, when that Physician returns to this earth, He will have with Him a vaccine that will protect us all from our PRIDE.

One way we can deal with difficult passages in Scripture (like our Sabbath School lesson points out this week)—and any other difficulty in life is really to have a humble, pride-free heart.

And, of course, this is the only way we are teachable enough to conquer our spiritual struggles of any kind.

Love is the best treatment, when we detect any pride going on in our heart.

Read more about this love in 1 Corinthians 13:8-13.