It’s not a thing. Thirty-three is a nothing year.

I just turned 33. I’ve already graduated high school and college. I’ve been driving since I was sixteen, have been married and divorced and married again. I’m old enough to vote, have children, own a home, and worry about my credit score.

I’m feeling my age, and I’m trying to find the significance of my year. I stumbled upon something new–something I’ve always known but never thought much of–33 is Jesus’ year. Jesus began His ministry at the age of 30, but He completed His mission at 33, making the 33rd year the Jesus Year. I don’t know who started it, but I’m running with it!

Since people don’t have a problem with a bucket list (things to do before you die), I’m going to work on a list of my own: 33 things I can do to rock my Jesus Year.

  1. Give an unexpected gift.
  2. Take a prayer walk around your community.
  3. Each month, choose one person to pray for daily.
  4. Get out in nature alone (with no electronics).
  5. Get out in nature with family or friends.
  6. Visit a nursing home.
  7. Send a care package to a student you know or one you don’t.
  8. Take a day or weekend with no electronics.
  9. Read the Gospels.
  10. Handwrite a letter and mail it.
  11. Read the Psalms.
  12. Join or start a prayer or Bible study group.
  13. Participate in a community service project.
  14. Invite someone new to dinner at your home.
  15. Go Christmas caroling.
  16. Talk to a stranger.
  17. Pay for someone’s meal, drink, or groceries.
  18. Trt a “cell-free” Sabbath once per month.
  19. Stop one bad habit for at least 33 days.
  20. Listen to only Christian music for 33 days.
  21. Try Meatless Mondays for 33 Mondays this year.
  22. Take out an ad to tell others about Jesus.
  23. Call someone on the phone that you haven’t seen in some time.
  24. Pray with someone new.
  25. Spend at least 33 minutes of Sabbath hours in prayer.
  26. Fast for 33 hours, focusing on prayer and your relationship with God.
  27. Visit a church in your community and make a friend there.
  28. Plan an outdoor church service.
  29. Invite another family or church to do a service project with you.
  30. Feed the homeless (without your phone).
  31. Be mindful of social media posts this year.
  32. Volunteer to work with youth at a church, school, or event.
  33. Invest time or money into a new ministry or charity.

What are your goals for your next year? We sometimes get bogged down in the “calendar year”, focusing only on New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not worrying about the new year this time–just this year.