From July 13-16, the Mid-America Union Conference Multilingual Ministries Department hosted the  dynamic 2023 Hispanic Youth Congress, drawing more than 500 enthusiastic individuals. Themed “Heaven: Don’t Miss it for the World,” the event aimed to ignite the spirit of the  participants.  

The Maranatha Bible Camp, located in central Nebraska, served as the ideal venue, providing an array of exhilarating activities, including sports tournaments, zip-lining, water activities, and seminars. Seminars covering a range of topics relevant to youth were presented by Armando Miranda Jr.  (North American Division ), Tyrone Douglas (Mid-America Union), Santiago Fernandez (Union College), and Vanessa Alarcón  (Rocky Mountain Conference).  

The main speaker, Pastor Jose Vicente Rojas, delivered impactful messages about youth  engagement in missions, stressing the role of the Holy Spirit in their endeavors. Jenny  Mendez, president of the Hispanic Youth Federation in the Minnesota Conference, shared her  vision of the youth as catalysts for change within the church. “This generation needs to act and not stay stagnant,” she said.  

“I want our young people to see that our current leadership sees their value,” added Pastor  Hugo Guillen from the Rocky Mountain Conference. “We need them to continue the work  that the Lord has left our church.”  

Event organizer Roberto Correa, MAUC Multilingual Ministries director, expressed his desire for this mission-driven spirit to continue on with the youth federations at the local conferences. “My  hope is for greater unity among our youth, which is what the Lord envisions for our youth in our present day.  

The 2023 Hispanic Youth Congress achieved resounding success, leaving a lasting impact  on attendees through inspiring sermons and activities that promoted unity and a shared  purpose. Remarkably, the event culminated in the baptism of nine youths, signifying its profound effect on their faith. The fervor exhibited by this generation offers bright hope for the  future of the church. 

—-Vanessa Alarcón is an elder at the Boulder Adventist Church in Boulder, Colorado